rio coding, money, and traveling


I am rio, bataknese and proudly as Indonesian, even though sometimes i hate Indonesia’s people.

I have been a Linux user since i was on high school, but i do not hate Windows, at the first place i would thanked to Word for helping me working on my paper.

Some people find me very quiet, yes i am, i am so bad at small talking, yes please teach me how to do that. If you are wanting to find me talking, try something interesting to me such as traveling, arts, universe, history, language, science fiction, or another topics, just try.

I studied engineering and some pure science on university, but don’t ask me how to do that (eng.), i am the people who trust engineering is an art, no rules, just conventions.

I do love traveling so much, and of course in low budget expenses. I had visited some interesting places and attraction in Java Island, Bali, and a little bit in North Sumatera. I may can host you visiting some interesting places in Indonesia, especially the places i have visited. You can find me on Couchsurfing here.

I am a coder but not an expert coder, i am still learning, but i may can help you creating mobile android/ios apps, or only a website, or even you need a desktop application? Get in touch with me.

Note: i used to leave you a reply to your email within 24 hours, so do not hesitate to send me the first one.