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My Project

Liburan Online: Connecting Local Guide and Traveler


This project was born by random thoughts. No.. no.. i remember that time, i wanted to create my own travel platform business. This website just looks like klook. You can create your trip, share, and peoples join the trip, pay, and go with the trip. The problem is, this website has not been fully completed, at least you can make a trip, and peoples joined, that’s the core.

MyBooks: Most loved booking Gateway

website: here

This stunning project helps website owner handle the whole booking process for their website. The main idea: visitor click buy on owner website, the rest booking process will be done on MyBooks, a lot of time and money saved. Website owner will be notified on success booking process and can monitor their selling products on MyBooks administrator page.

Kadokel: Custom Gift Solution


Kadokel focus on gift solution. On Kadokel you can make a custom gift like gift box, gift item, and greeting cards, and then purchase the gift you created.